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Ice Bisc.

Posted in Waffles.

Usage: For Ice Cream Cones and waffle.


  • This is a ready instant mix easily prepared for making ice cream cone which gets crispy immediately after shaping.
  • Can with-hold ice cream scoops without softening, nor falling apart.
  • It has excellent taste and vanilla aroma.
  • Also suitable for making various shapes, depending on the form of the mould.

Recipe: 1000 Gm Ice Bisc - 165 Gm Butter – 450- 650 ml. warm water.


  • Mix butter with the powder, then add warm water.
  • Blend with a suitable mixer until you get smooth paste.
  • Leave for 15 min. Rest before use.
  • For best result, leave for 60 min. then add small quantity of warm water.
  • Bake at 200°C - 250°C for 40 - 80 minutes.

Packing: Multilayer paper bags 10 Kg or 25 Kg.

Storage Condition: Keep in cool and dry place away from direct sun light (below 20° C).

Validity: Valid for 1 year from production date under the right storage conditions.

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