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Mousse Dessert

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Usage: Mousse Dessert mix Vanilla.


  • This is a ready instant mix easily prepared, giving stable mousse structure and shape which could be colored or flavored according to customer taste.
  • It remains creamy and holding; it doesn't dry out. 
  • It doesn't crack upon freezing.

Recipe: 500 Gm Mousse Desert - 900 Ml. Chilled water or chilled milk.


  • Mix Mousse with water in mixer until homogenous.
  • Mix at highest speed for 5 min.
  • Fill the batter in a ring and put in refrigerator for a minimum of one hour to set, then ready for decoration.
  • You can add color or flavor while mixing.
  • You can replace fruit juice instead of some water. 

Packing: Multilayer paper bags 10 Kg or 25 Kg.

Storage Condition: Keep in cool and dry place away from direct sun light (below 20° C).

Validity: Valid for 1 year from production date under the right storage conditions.


Mousse Dessert S: Strawberry mousse dessert mix.
Mousse Dessert Choco: Chocolate mousse dessert mix.

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